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The Reading Rooms

The Reading Rooms over the past 15 years has built a stellar reputation amongst the cognoscenti of the Underground music scene not only in the UK but Europe and as far away as Japan. Fronted by the Grieve Brothers (Jim and Grant) they’ve focused on accentuating and reinforcing the quality of the music played at what is an amazing venue both architecturally and acoustically.

However plans to invest to upscale the venue by the Brothers Grieve have faltered and there is now an option for an operator to develop the added value service offerings that would allow the Reading Rooms to continue as is but also develop the revenue streams identified via.

This investment would see the extensive Garden Area refurbished to include an integral external kitchen set up, supported by a prep area, which will make use of previously redundant library book storage area. And when completed it will be the only authentic Garden Space in the City Centre. And will then allow the Reading Rooms to cater for its clients who now don’t always go out on Friday and Saturday nights but do at weekends. And also for new customers who are now visiting the surrounding amenities now open and trading.

The Opportunity 

There has seen an investment upsurge within the immediate vicinity; the major Indigo Hotel and Staybridge Apartments have just opened across the road with a further Leisure Development envisaged. Also a 200 Dwelling Housing Development is waiting a start date within 100M 

Therefore the Reading Rooms would be the first and last Café/Bar for these developments. Also adjacent is the Gallagher Retail Park and the Dundee Leisure Centre. So the development potential for the area is therefore extremely positive in the medium to longer term with more Housing and Leisure Developments planned.

The Reading Rooms Nightclub

The Reading Rooms, with its cool industrial interiors, is a leading light in Scotland’s underground club scene. This former library is a hotbed of creativity and home to a bespoke music collective offering a smorgasbord of musical styles — including electro, dubstep, reggae, funk and soul, techno and rockabilly — that amalgamate to an inimitable party atmosphere with live music and off-the-hook beats.

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